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Zanzibar: Solo Dolo

Okay, so boom-

Zanzibar, Tanzania was an adventure for me, a solo traveler. First of all, I don’t know who told me I should explore this far away country on my own, but I did. I have absolutely no regrets. My goal is see the world, checking off each place on my bucket list one by one. If folks wanna come, let’s go; if not, peace I’m out.

Traveling to Zanzibar wasn’t cheap. I’m really particular about my flights (seat assignments, layovers, etc), but I ain’t got business class coin (or miles)…yet. On this trip, I traveled Qatar Airlines for the first time. Yes, there were cheaper options, but airline reviews matter. The coin conscious person in me thought, “Oh, let me fly into Dar Es Salaam and then catch a ferry to Zanzibar.” Chile, I changed my return flight so quick…it was most convenient to fly in/out of Zanzibar. The ferry wasn’t bad, but getting onto the ferry was intense with so many porters looking to help with your bags, the crowds, and heat. I was over it, and tired as hell.

While on the island, I stayed at two hotels, each for three nights: SeVi Boutique Hotel (Kigomani region which is north east) and Mizingani Seafront Hotel (Stone Town). Up north, you have the beaches. Some of the most popular include Nungwi and Kendwa, and they attract a lot of (European) tourist. Day trips are a norm, and they can add up considering the cost of transportation. Baby, I spent a significant amount of money on roundtrip transportation, and USD was king.

Prior to arriving to Zanzibar, I did extensive research and connected with a tour guide who I thought would have my back. Unfortunately, they didn’t have credit on their phone once I arrived, and I immediately began to search for another one. Khamis came to my rescue! He’s a tour guide and taxi driver (2 in 1), and was my go-to. I linked up with another tour guide, Osman, who was able to arrange my drone shoot. Minus my sea sickness, this was a major highlight of my entire trip.


Mnemba Island (snorkeling, dolphins, sandbank)

Stone Tour and Spice Tour

Blue Safari (snorkeling, lagoon, lunch, sandbank)

Fun Activities:

Drone photo shoot on Nakupenda

Trip to The Rock restaurant

Forodhani Night Market

In short, if you have a slight interest in visiting Zanzibar…GO! Be sure to check the weather because their rainy season begins in March. I hope this post is helpful to anyone considering Zanzibar as a vacation option.

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