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Egypt: A Trip of a Lifetime

Updated: Mar 12

Imagine spending 10 days in Egypt. While you may have an idea of what to expect, when you arrive, the experience is nothing like you expected. The 10 days I spent in Egypt were more than I could ever imagine.

Day 1: Arrival and relax

After a 10.5 hour direct flight from JFK, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything. We flew Egypt Air and during check-in I asked about upgrade options. Since the upgrade was within the budget, our Economy travel became Business. It never hurts to ask!

Day 2: First full day included: Giza Pyramids, Egypt Museum, Egypt Papyrus Institute and Egypt Bazaar (where I had a gold cartouche made). Chile, we spent so much money on the second day. 🥴

Day 3: Flew to Aswan and boarded a cruise ship to sail down the Nile River. Before leaving, we went to Philea Temple, High Dam, Friendship Village, and a Nubian Village

Day 4: Long drive to Abu Simbel, and then set sail on the Nile. A quick stop to Kom Ombo.

Day 5: Arrived in Luxor and visited Edfu Temple, Karnek Temple and Luxor Temple

Day 6: Hot Air Balloon Ride, Valley of the Kings, and Harshepsut Temple

Flew back to Cairo

Day 7: Day trip to Alexandria

There’s a lot of history in Alexandria. I’m so happy I had a chance to experience it with my family. We visited three different sites (Catacomb, Roman Theatre, Citadel) and ate along the Mediterranean Sea. How often can you say that? It was great visiting just about all of Egypt, and visiting the north was one of our final stops while in Egypt.

Day 8: Traveled to the Red Sea and stayed at a resort for the evening.

Day 9: Returned from the Red Sea; last minute souvenir shopping, and attended the evening Light and Sound show in Giza.

Day 10: Departure (Next stop: Morocco)

I initially set out to travel solo, but then my folks invited themselves to join me and the rest was history. This became a trip of a lifetime, and the joy they had visiting the pyramids and returning to the Motherland filled my heart.

If you’re having doubts about visiting, hopefully this post has inspired you to make the decision to go. I was encouraged by others who shared their experiences, as well as their tour guide connect. I arranged all of my travel Jakada Tours (ask for Jacob). I knew what I wanted to do, and he helped map it all out, even when I added on days and made changes to the original itinerary (I’m really particular about certain things 😏). He took great care of us, and I’m so appreciative of his efforts.

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