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Barbados: With Love

Back in 2016, I met and fell in love with Barbados. Him and I had an instant attraction.

As I rode along the west coast on a local bus (S'Town bound), I truly felt a new sense of excitement as I made my way to Mullins Bay. I fried in the sun with a smile on my face (my skin burning from the sun rays and no sunblock), allowing myself to get lost in a new book.

I bought lunch from a "food truck" - a woman's mini van that contained baked chicken and turkey, along with the sides, all stored in her trunk (see pic). The Rastas admired my Bob Marley sarong (or maybe they were checking out something else 😜), as I walked along the beach, food in my hand, making my way back to my $7 beach chair rental (I didn't even bother to hustle down the price).

I fried some more, before realizing it was time for me to head back to B'Town (Bridgetown), and back onto my vessel.

School had just let out, so the kids in their various uniforms crowded the bus. I was so fortunate to get a seat cus' baby, the way that driver drove that bus - he clearly thought he was driving a sports car. I am thankful to be alive, and to have made it back in time to catch my ride back to the States. Until next time Barbados...

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