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Belize: Just me + Pops

Y’all! We need to normalize traveling with our parents. Yeah, I said it. For years I’ve enjoyed baecautions, girls trips and even solo trips. I “looked” forward to family vacations too; but never did I imagine traveling with ONLY my pops. Just me and him? What will people think?! Well, who cares? We had such a great time traveling to Belize I can’t wait to travel with him again. I was so surprised and low key proud of him for keeping up with my crazy itinerary, which included hiking, zip lining, snorkeling cave tubing, and bouncing from the mainland to an island. Through it all, he kept up.

So it went like…

This past March, I had the opportunity to invite my dad to join me on my Spring Break trip to Belize. Funny, I’d ask if he wanted to join early on, he declined, and then two weeks before I was scheduled to depart he was like, “Sike!” Anyway, I went into planning mode and made all the necessary arrangements to accommodate him. The price went all the way up (Fat Joe’s voice) 🥴.

Our time in Belize was amazing! A lot of laughter, talking, drinking, and adventure. Yes, my 76 year old pops kept up with my itinerary the entire time. I mean, he was knocked tf out once we returned to our hotels, but he kept up for the most part. Most of our physical activities took place in Belize City, and after a few days, we flew to San Pedro to chill tf out 😎.

The most challenging thing about this trip was deciding what to wear. Like bro, my dad know him and moms created a goddess, but I had to withhold the sexy. I damn sho’ didn’t want anyone to think no foolishness 🤨. Picking out a bathing suit, OMG. The ass and titties had to remain inside the garment, so I HAD to buy shit. 😂 [In my head: the price of this trip is going up.]

On this trip, I also realized my dad isn’t my go-to photographer. The amount of coaching I had to do, bro! 🤪 I would have did just fine using a tripod or a random stranger, which would have been my go-to options had I traveled solo. 🥴

But watching him thoroughly enjoy every moment of this trip made the experience so much grander than I ever imagined. 🥰 He made the club; he can be a travel buddy...occasionally. I definitely encourage traveling with your parents. Let’s normalize that!

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